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Carl Beland is the instructor of Defence Lab - Mirabel Quebec. He started boxing at the age of 15 under the teaching of Deano Clavet for many years. At the age of 18 he started trained peoples who wanted to learn to boxe, always under the tutelage of his boxing mentor Deano Clavet. Since then, Carl continues boxing and still teaches. 


In 2005, Andy Norman crossed Carl's path under the formula of K.F.M. where he went to train with him in England. 


In 2011, Carl joined the federal correctional service as a correctional officer in a super-maximum unit, where he is still appointed today. He used these defensive techniques to protect himself and to cope with several environmental situations.


Carl came back in the rank of the Defence Lab in November 2018. He’s always in search of the understanding of the violence to the human nature and the evolution of the aggression in the street, where the techniques of Defence Lab shows us how to survive those aggressions these days.


Carl is accepting members for his training group.

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