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Studying the human, its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual structures, strengths and weaknesses.

 -Finding the truth.

Constantly provoking questions that stimulate the quest for the truth in combat and in yourself.

 -Always Questioning

Relentlessly questioning conditioned boundaries

-Discover Yourself

Helping you to challenge and discover… YOU!!


The DNA (Defence-N-Attack) System– Is All About Decrypting the “Chaos Code” of real violence.


The DNA Fight Science System devised by Andy Norman and Defence Lab is an “EVOLVED” Combat System that was developed by over 20 years of training, real-life “experiences”, testing… and trying to answer the question: “DOES IT REALLY WORK?”


The Program is open to all Men and Women and concentrates on developing practical and functional resolutions to street altercations; it also has an inbuilt fitness regime and of course an element of fun!!


It was devised by Defence Lab Founder Andy Norman and is a reflection of his very own provocative life journey. Andy has an awesome training pedigree and a massively colourful history, thus Defence Lab will continue to be a reflection of one of today’s great pioneers of modern urban martial art training methodologies.


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Defence Lab
Defence Lab

About the DNA Fight Science Program, in Andy Norman's own words:

“I have always been fascinated with the study of the human; DNA clearly been a “secret” code of our genetic makeup.  I have right from the very beginning of my studies, been captivated with the process of Defence-N-Attack; how to make a defence mechanism the most brutal and ballistic form of self-defence, as luck would have it, DNA can also be seen as an Acronym for Defence-N-Attack… so that’s how the DNA fight science name came about. DNA – Defence- N-Attack; perfectly describes what we do, and what I have been doing all my life”.


Great things are spawned from what many consider to be crazy, until it becomes the “NORM”… 

Blood!!    The liquid of life; truly incredible!


I have always talked about the cultivation of instinct with regards to harnessing, and the thereafter consequential development of primal fighting abilities; this as opposed to the old mind set of; “the more techniques I know, then the better I must be, hence I possess superior fighting abilities”, which as we all know is far from the case! 


Here’s a question I always asks on seminars when teaching; where is the blood that runs through your veins actually from?


A typical response; “from the heart”……  Not a bad answer but NOT the one sought!


It’s actually from your mother, and where is her blood from?… from her mother; so the blood that is actually running through your veins as you sit reading this has been alive for possibly tens of thousands of years, if not more, THINK ABOUT THAT! Consequently your blood is without question, truly amazing, and carries within an extraordinary history, your history, and a true and very real story of primal survival; way more than you actually realise…


YOU possess amazing genetic inheritances and mind boggling DNA…


DNA is the “secret code” of life, it can be considered as one of the building blocks of the body. In a nut shell DNA is quite simply YOU!

So the human already possesses within an incredible primal instinct, BUT wait, there’s a twist here; due to the society that we all now live in, the human has become domesticated, what does that mean? Well domestication basically means that our primal instinct has become dormant.


So, this domestication has confused the human; it has caused the human to lose touch with its true primal instinct, yet it is this inherent primal instinct that bequeaths us the ability to out think all other animals, thus placing us at the top of the predatory food chain and tree of life.

Defence Lab

The training itself:

“Radical is the simplest and best way to explain it. Across the years the way we trained provoked the world really. KFM (Keysi Fighting Method) our old program, made people sit up and take notice, including Hollywood. I was the person responsible for taking that kind of radical training into the Hollywood movie circles. I have trained many of Hollywood’s greatest action heroes including Christian Bale, Liam Neeson and Tom Cruise.  What impressed them most? Well, it was the sheer ferocity and practicality of the training. If you are genuinely looking for a no-nonsense, hard hitting answer to westernised street violence, then the DNA Fight Science System will definitely tick all the boxes for you”!


Our speciality:

Our speciality; close quarters. The DNA System does encompass and cover all ranges of combat, no question there, but our true forte is our aggressive smash and enter process. The objective over the years has been to develop processes that enable us to perform under pressure in close quarters; to own the close quarter domain! 


Our model for training the DNA Fight Science System: “Learn it- Fatigue it- Stress it”


There are 3 steps to fully learning how to be able to defend yourself using the DNA System.


LEARN IT - You must first learn and understand how the technique(s) and moves work.

FATIGUE IT - You must drill and train the moves until you develop the muscle memory.

STRESS IT OUT - This is MOST Important and what makes DL different than any other “martial art”.  We must learn to function under stress.  We stress it out by sparring, scenario combat (at a bar, in the movies, in the club, etc), stress drills and more!


Defence Lab
Defence Lab
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With this model – our students develop into incredible and extremely capable Martial Artists!

Decrypting the chaos code of real violence is like studying the Universe, it's mind-boggling, but there is a formula that can be used to help us to understand our physical capabilities, which in turn then helps us to exploit the knowledge that we attain via deep introspective studies of the human both physically and emotionally. The DNA Training System will give you all the tools you need to defend yourself and your loved ones for the realities of today’s real-world violence.


We study violence so as to escape it, prevent it, and if all else fails, utilize it ourselves to survive.”

–The Defence Lab Philosophy

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