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Dustin Silzer is the Lead Instructor for Defence Lab Saskatoon SK Canada, also the Defence Lab Headquarters - (Valencia Spain) designated Canadian National Director of Personnel & elite CREW member.


He remains active within the industry of Protective Services and professional training certifications.


With his long career in uniform and plain clothe professional fields, he has developed extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the realities of violence. 

Mr. Silzer is a passionate and knowledgeable Instructor who has been involved in the martial arts world throughout his entire life. His passion for the study of and defences against violence has led him to be a Human Factor Science - PPCT Use of Force / Defensive Tactics Instructor, Certified DEF-TAC Instructor through The Saskatchewan Police College, Realistic De-escalation Instructor, Associate Instructor in IFC - Integrated Fighting Concepts (Jeet-Kune-Do Filipino Martial arts & Integrated Grappling) & IFC ICE Edged Weapon Program Instructor, Progressive Fighting Systems Inc. - Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor, Instructed Aikikai Aikido (Ni Dan Rank) and Lead Instructor in Defence Lab - DNA Fight Science, DL TACTICAL & Warrior D.Lab Krav.


He has also developed the 3RT - Rapid Response Ready Tactics courses for professionals, as well as worked to format our DNA - Women's Self-defence seminar.

He is a recognized Instructor in use of force, defensive tactics and self-defence by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Corrections, Policing & Public Safety & Alberta Public Safety and Emergency Services. A member of ILEETA -International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association, as well as a Sask. Basic Security Guard Course provider. He has been responsible for developing and teaching courses and seminars to multiple government organizations, private security firms and public groups.



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Dustin Silzer - DL Crew
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