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Dylin Curiston is the Instructor of Defence Lab - North Battleford SK


Dylin was born in Bonavista Newfoundland but has lived in many different places across Canada due to his parents being RCMP officers and taking many transfers. He started his martial arts career with Shotokan Karate where he achieved a brown belt level. While practising in the art of Karate he found his love for boxing. Being a competitive boxer at the national level for many of years he than opened his own boxing club, Four Corner Boxing, in North Battleford Saskatchewan. From there he has branched out to a few other martial arts and systems such as Muai Thai and Krav Maga. He met Dustin Silzer through his Krav Maga and IFC training in Saskatoon, who introduced him to Defence Lab DNA Fight Science.

Dylin is currently accepting members for his training group.


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