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Grant Ellsworth is the Instructor of Defence Lab - Calgary AB Canada.

Originally from Price Edward Island, Grant initially started into martial arts with Chito Ryu Karate, and then abandoned it to pursue a military career with the light infantry. During his 3 year stint with the infantry, Grant did go on a deployment to Afghanistan.  Due to the hectic nature and pace of military life/training, martial arts had to be put on hold.


Fast forward a few years later, Grant found himself working inside a prison, and searching for the best answer to keep him prepared for the many potential challenges to be faced in this environment.  This is where Defence Lab at the time, and even now gave him the best answers to his questions 9 years after walking into that front gate.


Grant has received various proficiency certificates pertaining to self-defence over the years from corrections, as well as with the military.  A knowledge of, and working with potentially violent individuals on a regular basis has given Grant a real working understanding of applying the concepts of Defence Lab in the types of encounters they were originally cultivated and intended for.

Grant is currently accepting members for his training group.


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