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HAVOC Women's Combatives Seminar 

Seminar Description

This seminar is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to address the realties of confrontations and violent attacks generally only addressed by women.


We encompass and train all ranges of violent situations in various scenarios; but our absolute specialty is aggressive close quarters domination. Our objective over the years has been to develop transferable knowledge that addresses the realities of violence and to develop attributes and skills with considerations for the mental, physical and emotional states brought on by predators that will enable attendees to successfully perform under pressure of these confrontations and violent attacks.


Seminar Topics

-The 3A of Self-Defence (PowerPoint)

-Human Survival Stress Factors

-Language Architecture the Power in Communication

-You’re a Human Weapon System Striking Methods

-Ground Avoidance, Ground Defence & Escape Methods

-Fear management – Fear is your ally

-Weapon Defence and Applications


Individual Cost

   Level 1 $40 - Level 2 $40 (Minimum 10 participants) 


   4 -8 hours (Based on client request)


Group rates 

   Available at request

HAVOC Street Combatives Seminar

Seminar Description

HAVOC is a survival system designed for modern world personal defence to address the relevant threats and fears of real altercation. Participants accepted and driven to succeed in becoming self-reliant in personal safety and security will progress through this system successfully regardless of gender, age or size.


Technical Foundation

This system is based on concepts, principles, strategies and tactics obtained from years of real life, operational and training experiences with individuals from around the world. The essential functional components have been drawn together with the understanding that the system must continue to evolve and develop while remaining practical and functional through lawful applications of force.


Seminar Topics

-Body Conditioning & Fitness

-Breathe Control And Relaxation 

-Human Survival Stress Factors

-Situational Awareness / Threat Assessment & Management Skills

-Use of Force training

-Non-Aggressive Postures, De-escalation & Communication Skills

-Control and Compliance Principles

-Fundamentals of Balance Displacement

-Throws & Base Disruptions

-Joint locks 

-Pressure Points

-Ground Avoidance and Ground Defences

-Basic and Advanced Striking Methods

-Vascular Restraint Methods

-Weapon & Improvised Weapon Applications

-Defensive Flashlight Applications

-Edged and Impact Weapon Application & Defenses

-Weapon Retention and Weapon Disarming


Basic Cost

    Based on duration and attendance


    Based on request 

Group rates 

   Available at request


Custom Training Courses & Seminars

Course Description

Custom Training Course & Seminar contents are confidential and designed to the requested needs of the client.


Custom Training Courses & Seminars

    Duration and cost will be determined upon client request


Private/Semi-Private Training Classes

Class Description

Private/Semi-Private Training Class content is provided at the students' request.


Private/Semi-private Classes

    Duration 1-4 hours

    Cost $50 / hour 




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