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System Description

IFC Systems are based on the belief that self-defence & defensive tactics training needs to be based on defending against the ways you are most likely going to be threatened or attacked and countering in such a way that makes it hard for your attacker to adapt or defend.


The first part of training is developing the skill to perceive recognizable pre-assault indicators and preparatory movement that are required for someone to attack you. The second part is teaching you to defend against the mechanism of the attack instead of the attack it self.

Our research shows that most spontaneous attacks, whether they are with an open hand, impact weapon, knife or gun will require you to respond initially with your open hands. That is the cold hard truth; even against multiple attackers. At best you will have an improvised weapon such as a pen, flashlight or car keys in your hand. 
IFC Systems are only concerned with interpersonal combat that is functional in specific environments.


If it's being taught at an IFC Training Centre, its been used by real world operators.

Certified to provide:

Integrated Fighting Concepts (Jeet-Kune-Do Filipino Martial arts & Integrated Grappling) 

IFC - I.C.E. Edged Weapon Program

Dustin Silzer
Dustin Silzer
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