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Wade Irwin is the Instructor of Defence Lab - Sorrento BC 


Wade's training began in East Vancouver at a young age defending his smaller friends and taking lumps, so he decided to start getting educated. Going to the nearest karate centre at 17 years old he realized his love for martial arts. Having to leave shortly after starting, he moved to Dawson Creek and Trained with Ray House in Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing earning his Black Belt in 1992.

During this time of heavy training Wade started competing, first in Tournaments, then getting in the  amateur ring and winning the Provincial Super Heavy-weight Title followed by the Canadian Super Heavy Weight Kickboxing Title.

Wade then met and trained with Kru Mike Miles in 1993 and after that his focus was on the Art of Muay Thai.  In 1996 he fought for the Pro North American Heavy Weight Muay Thai title, then met and trained with Suchar at Siam #1 in Toronto.

Wade met his soon to be wife Jade in 1996 at his Tae Kwon Do class, married her a year later and trained together with the help of Aurther at SIK TAI in Winnipeg and Mike Miles in Calgary until she won the Amateur Super Light-weight kickboxing title in 2000.

Wade has 3 loves in his life…his wife…his passion for mixing martial arts to get the optimal self-defence strategy in every situation and making his own survival gear.

Being an oil and gas scaffolder, Wade has had to travel a lot so he makes it a goal to meet and train with whoever is in the area and has trained with many good trainers who have become some of his closest friends.

Wade also had a 10 year stint in the wild north bouncing at several different bars; getting hands on experience in self-defence.


Now he is on his journey with Defense Lab.

Wade is currently accepting members for his private training group.


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