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Seminar Description

These DNA Fight Science seminars are designed to address the realties of confrontations and violent attacks generally only faced by women.


We encompass and train all ranges of violent situations in various scenarios but our absolute specialty is aggressive close quarters domination. 


Our mandate has been to investigate the essential knowledge from the realities of violence and to promote the development of attributes, skills and fitness in students with considerations for the mental, physical and emotional states brought on by violence itself.

This could not have been accomplished without the insight, influence and components of DEFENCE LAB - DNA Fight Science

We recommend everyone attend our regular Defence Lab DNA Fight Science class. But if you are unable, we believe these seminars are the best method for becoming self-reliant for personal safety and security. 

Next Seminar : TBD (Contact to Register)

Seminar Topics

-PowerPoint Presentation

-The 3A of Self-Defence (Awareness - Avoidance - Action)

-Situational Awareness 

-Fear management 

-Human Survival Stress Factors

-De-escalation & Communication

-Human Weapon System Striking Methods

-Ground Avoidance, Ground Defence & Escape Methods

-Weapon Defence and Applications


Basic Duration: 4 hours 

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Martial Arts for Women

How It Can Reduce Domestic Abuse and Violence

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