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Defence Lab Tactical – Capabilities

Defence Lab Tactical (DLT) is a progressive methodology for teaching Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel behaviour self-protection.

That is self-protection skill based on the behavior patterns demonstrated by attackers and the physiological, psychological and emotional responses of the LEO/MP to dangerous assaults as well as control and arrest situations, prisoner of war handling, extreme close quarters combatives during tactical building assaults and other missions in the military and law enforcement communities  

It is designed to take an end user practitioner with minimal or no experience in defensive tactics and unarmed combat to a level of proficiency that will enhance their capabilities in the field. 

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The tactics learned in DLT work in real police and military environments and under the pressure of real attacks. They allow the practitioner to maintain or regain physical, psychological and emotional control of the situation, increasing their chances of survivability in dangerous encounters, and their ability to control subjects quickly with minimum damage to themselves or the subjects, if that is the desired result.



The Drills and Skills of DLT are unique in that they are designed so that the Certified Instructor can transfer the skills to departmental or unit student and the student can absorb the information quickly and perform the tactics at “street ready” level in the minimum amount of time.


DLT focuses on using a few simple fundamental movements and applying the same to various scenarios and levels of use of force. The tactics learned for communicating with agitated subjects and dealing with control situations flow seamlessly into the tactics needed to deal with assaults. Whether its empty hand, pistols, control arrest and handcuffing, defending against knives or tactical entries, DLT training connects to all areas of law enforcement and military training. This is achievable because the tactics are based on the fundamental motions that humans engage under stress or while being attacked.

Practicality and Safety

The DLT drills prepare the trainee to deal with the pressure, impact and chaos of real assaults and subject control problems. This is done following a Progressive Resistance Protocol that allows the trainee to achieve Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand in a safe manner. Practitioners trained like this are more capable to make appropriate use of force decisions under pressure and reduces the chances of the trainee over or under-reacting in any given scenario.


The tactics of DLT do not interfere with any previously learned Agency Approved tactics. Instead DLT enhances the officer’s abilities to judiciously apply those tactics and skills under pressure. It also allows for the officer to escalate and de-escalate through various levels of force as necessary, as well as transition to other tools such as tasers, batons, chemicals, and firearms as appropriate.



The DLT course and Instructor Trainer Course covers Drills, Skills and Tactics relevant to all aspects of Law Enforcement Use of Force:

1.The use of the Three-Dimensional Attitudes; Relaxed, Alert, Preventive, Survival, Reversal and Engagement. To enhance our ability to communicate On or Off Duty during tense situations as well as our ability to survive and resolve dangerous encounters.

2.Detecting Hostile Behavior and Pre Assault Indicators

3.Effective Control and Arrest tactics that smoothly transition to and from counter assault tactics in

response to the subjects, choices.

4.Counter Assault Tactics that work under the extreme pressure and chaos of a real determined assault and allow the officer to make appropriate use of force choices.

5.Handcuffing, pat down, and searching positions that allow for maximum safety and transitions as necessary.

6.Weapon Protection skills that allow the officer to maintain control of all the tools in the duty belt.

7.Transition drills that teach the officer how to access the tools available to him in order to escalate, de-escalate and control the situation.

8.All DLT Courses are delivered in an efficient, safe and professional manner by Mr. Tony Torres a 25 year veteran of military, law enforcement and dignitary protection fields of work.

Defence Lab Tactical Law Enforcement / Military Foundation Instructor Certification

(5 days Includes Counter Ambush and Control and Arrest)

I. Introduction To Defense Lab Tactical and Behavioral Self Protection (Classroom)

II. Understanding and Teaching Non-Engagement, Engagement, and Resolution Attitudes

(Classroom and Practical)

III.Familiarization / Re-connection with Instinctive movement and Startle Reflex (Practical)

IV. Survival- Reversal Drills- Using Instinctive Frames and Protection To Survive Street Striking and Street Clinching Attacks (Practical)

V. Natural Body Weapons- How to Weaponize Instinctive Movement To Cause Dysfunction Of Attackers Ability to Continue Assault (Practical)

VI. Resolution Drills (Practical)

VII. Control and Arrest Theory (Classroom)

VIII. Control Tactics For Active Resistance Fundamental Mechanics Drills (Practical)

IX.Control Tactics and Transitions For Use on Previously Assaultive Subjects (Practical)

X. Multi-Purpose Takedown (Practical)

XI. Control-Out Of Control Drills (Practical)

XII. Securing / Handcuffing Tactics

XIII. Teach Backs of All Drills




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